What is SEO and Why is it Important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Most of us now search the internet when we’re looking for a product or service. That’s why we need a great website, right? But having a great-looking website is useless if it doesn’t come up in searches. You also need great SEO results. Research says that consumers will rarely go beyond the first two pages of their search. You need to be there; that’s not easy when there are hundreds, or thousands, or hundreds of thousands of websites vying for those 20-25 spots.

So How Do You Get a Website to Appear on the First Two Pages of a Search Engine?

  • Begin with SEO in mind.

    First, decide your keywords. Then, build your site with them in mind, using them in the Heading Tags, body text, meta tags, anchor text, and navigation.

  • Make sure the search engines know about your site.

    That means more than just making an xml sitemap and submitting it to Google (though that’s important too). There are a lot of searching portals and each one will increase the importance of your site.

  • Have links coming in and out of your site to relevant sites and directories.

  • Be dynamic!

    Have at least one rss feed, content that changes like a blog, or recent news posts, or upcoming events. New relevant content is important.

Examples of Great SEO results:

Here are some screenshots of Page One Google results from some of my recent work projects: