SEO Periodic Table Infographic

This is really clever. I wish the algorithms for Google and Bing were this straightforward and predictable (they're not), but this is a pretty good infographic nonetheless. It shows how many elements are considered and gives ballpark weight variations. Here's the original article from Search Engine Land:

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As you may know, there's an acronym in the design world: K.I.S.S. which stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid. Pretty insulting, right? You have to call me Stupid? Really? But, for those of you who have never heard of it, it’s a philosophy of design and I’m definitely a disciple. I remember, many years ago, [...]

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So Much More Than We Expected

Dear Anamaria, Thank you so much for your terrific website design services. We are thrilled with the result! We called upon you to understand how we wanted to be perceived by our audience and you truly listened to us. You understood immediately how important it is to us in our profession to have the right [...]

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A Talent for Technology

Ms. Baralt is THE best!!! She has a talent for technology, and a gift for using it in an effective manner. As a nonprofit that serves the NF community and caters to NF patients and families, Ms. Baralt provides us with an outstanding service that is not only professional, but encompasses the entire picture of [...]

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A Great Designer

For years we had been calling our league’s two groups of teams the East Side and West Side Conferences to reflect the geographic division of the island of Manhattan. When the MRHL board of directors decided to retool the league and realign the teams into skill levels we decided to replace the conference names and [...]

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