Dear Anamaria,

Thank you so much for your terrific website design services. We are thrilled with the result!

We called upon you to understand how we wanted to be perceived by our audience and you truly listened to us. You understood immediately how important it is to us in our profession to have the right image. That would have satisfied us, however you took our original thoughts and transformed them into something that we couldn’t have imagined!

Your grasp of the technology, and your ability to communicate the options that the newer technologies offer to those who don’t understand, is remarkable. The Internet is a powerful tool. Your grasp of how to harness and create business success from it has benefited our business. We are more accessible to our clients – both existing and new.

Your creative side was appreciated as well. The background you bring from your fine art skills, graphics experience, and business brought us more than what we have experienced with other website designers. The aesthetic talents that you have span a broad spectrum of media and we felt that you could handle any assignment we threw your way!

And besides being a consummate professional, you are so very much fun to work with! The entire process was a joy from start to our remarkable finish! Thank you again for a tremendous website and, because of your extremely competitive pricing, more is coming your way!


Karen Gunsul

Principal, Gunsul Clark Iverson